Henna Artist

Sharmin Kassam is Professional Henna Artist serving Toronto, and the GTA (Canada)  - Qualified in 2014 at the Ash Kumar Beauty Academy. 

Her love of henna has led her to adorning brides, bridal parties, jewellery boxes, candles, walls, and many more mediums. Sharmin's passion for this fine art simply does not stop at people, and maybe that's what makes her wake up each day asking "how is Shars Henna going to be remembered?" 

She now also has the absolute privilege of being the Canadian stockist for the elite Ash Kumar Brand from the UK. If you know her personally, then you know that not a day goes by without incorporating the phrase "did you know that the Ash Kumar brand..." into her conversations.  

She believes that if an artist is given high quality, professional products then an artists job is made easier.  Whether its their high quality branded Henna Powder (smoothness of the paste makes any application easy), the Ash Kumar Glitter Gels or the the precision of their applicators..these high end products are an absolute dream for artists! "When you've had a chance to work with the best, you refuse to go elsewhere, and you're on the avenue to getting that quality in your hands!"

Stay happy, stay henna'd!